Dreaming of the water..

Anonymous asked: *whispers* your art is flawless you perfect human being *vanishes behind big ominous cape with sparkles and weird crap*

*screeches* WWWHHHHHHHHHAAAAAT THANK YOU YOU KIND HUMAN BEING *flies with the grace of a pterodactyl into an inter-dimensional portal to find your forehead and kiss it like a grandma*

Link, Sheik, Zelda portraits. Always good for blowing off steam woo yea!

Crazy super fighter dude I’ve had in my head for a few months - finally drew the kid!


Was gonna do the Project: Rooftop Batgirl fun thing BUT WHO DIDN’T READ THE GUIDELINES!!?!! It was still super fun! The deadline is coming up in a couple days but you guys should go for it! AND READ THE RULES!

Attempting at backgrounds HAHAHAHAHAHA *cries*

Two characters I’ve been futzing around with - wanted to get some colored doodles of them down! They exist in a kind of post-psychic-destructive universe. 

Anonymous asked: Have you ever thought about making a Steven Universe oc?

AHHHH I’m sorry I took so long anon! I wanted to think of one and here she is hahaha!

Her name’s Marty! She passes out ice cream from her brother’s truck by day and is an ace detective by night. Her crime solving is secret - and she goes by the name of Detective Fudge-Pop!