whaleighbor asked:

Hi! So I just found you and you're aMAZING and I LOVE YOUR ART and I was just WONDERING if you could do like a little step by step for how you drawdidid the hands?? Pleeeaase~ Because they're gorgeous and I just don't understaaand how they're so perfectly proportioned to the bodies. (༎ຶ⌑༎ຶ)


OKAY So I took a while to reply to this because I was struggling in how to make a little step-by-step thing because I just BARREL THROUGH LIFE so hahahahahaa hopefully this helps! I’ll explain it in text here too! 



1) I usually start with a cute little nugget of a hand - or a dumpling or oddly shaped meatball, depending on your preference! Sometimes if the pose of the hand is more dynamic, slanting and bending your nugget can help guide the placement of fingers and the like as well! I just did a basic position here!

2) This is a little, baby intermediate step but it can be helpful when working with a complicated drawing. I find adding little lines is super helpful for me in keeping the proportion of hand to body where I want it  - it also helps me figure out the flow of fingers/position/pose/mood that I want them in. Another helpful reminder is that the human hand is usually about size to the face!

3) Here I begin to flesh out the fingers and add guides to help make sure everything makes sense. I usually gravitate to using the pulp chunk of the thumb and lower palm as a guiding point for muscle curvature. I think the pinky is helpful too! Especially if you like drawing your peeps with broken looking hands, like I do!

This is also a good time to check on size and make the hand smaller or bigger as needed!

4) Clean up time! You can add whatever lines and indents that suit your fancy. This is also a good place to do finishing touches on the size of the hand. Sometimes the hand is completely fine and just fixing the width of a wrist or swell of a cheek can make all the difference in balance. 

Lastly I have a quick drawing of a hand from guide to finished! 

This is a really little thing, but I hope it was helpful to you!! If you need a basic just-draw a hand thing, let me know! Sorry again for the wait and thank you so much for your kind support!

All the best!!

Hails <3

Anonymous asked:

hi there! i've been following your art for a while, and i just wanted to let you know that you've improved a lot. have a nice day! (and your cat too)

AhhhhhhhhhhHHHH!! Thank you so much for sticking around!! I feel like I have too and you’re so kind to say something! Ahhh!!! I’M REALLY FLATTERED THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE MY CAT AND I WILL HAVE AN EXCELLENT DAY THANK YOU! I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY TOO!!! <3 <3 <3